Longhorn Taikai

Supported by the Austin Kendo Doshikai
18th Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai Results

Thank you to all sensei and kenshi who participated in this year’s 25th Anniversary Tournament in Austin, Texas. We were honored to have Sensei Yoshiteru Tagawa, Kendo Hanshi 8-Dan, as our special guest of honor. Tagawa sensei is the President of the All United States Kendo Federation (“AUSKF”) and Vice-President of the Federation Internationale de Kendo (“FIK”). We look forward to seeing you all again next year in 2020.

If you are interested in visiting Austin, Texas and participating in the 2020 team taikai, please email our Tournament Chairman, Jeff Chen, at info@austinkendo.org, for details.

18th Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai (2019)